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Recycled Container Gardens

If spring cleaning has uncovered some old, damaged or about-to-be discarded items from clutter around the house, think about repurposing them into exciting new container gardens. Some items may not have drainage holes—no problem, just add some.

Container gardening is one of the fastest-growing segments of gardening, because it’s the perfect activity for beginning gardeners that may not be ready to tackle a large landscape project, or Brown's Orchardfor advanced gardeners looking to showcase their gardening skills. Container gardens add instant color and provide a focal point in our garden, front porch, deck or patio.

To get started, look for objects, furniture, fashion and household items to use, such as chairs, tea kettles or watering cans, lunchboxes, colanders Brown's Orchard(they already have holes), old bread tins or other bakeware, high-heeled shoes, old work boots, chests of drawers, kids’ toys (trucks and wagons) and toolboxes. Next, grab some gardening gloves, visit a favorite local garden center for plants and go play in the dirt.

Brown’s Orchards is located at 8892 Susquehanna Tr. S., Loganville. For more information, call 717-428-2036 or visit

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