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Santé Integrative Medicine: Guides Patients Toward Optimal Health

Apr 30, 2014 01:01PM ● By Nancy Somera

Dr. Connie Deline

Connie Deline, M.D., of Santé Integrative Medicine, is an integrative medicine physician who offers expert guidance to assist people in moving toward optimal health. Using a personalized approach that goes beyond a patient’s diagnostic label, Deline emphasizes improved nutrition, physical activity and stress reduction.

Deline’s consulting services are helpful to an array of patients, from generally healthy people with one or two minor problems to those with significant health challenges. She says that while many of her patients come in on their own, other physicians also refer chronically ill patients. She states, “When it is apparent that a patient can’t get the necessary help from mainstream medicine alone, we begin to look at complementary approaches to support the existing treatment plan.” There is value in seeking expert advice. “Patients are often confused by conflicting information and need help to sort out what has evidence of safety and effectiveness from those interventions that are less likely to be worthwhile,” Deline says. “Getting expert advice can save you time, energy and money.”

She reviews records, takes a very detailed history, performs an appropriate physical exam and orders and reviews diagnostic results before formulating detailed recommendations which consider the patient’s values and preferences. In addition to attention to nutrition, judicious supplementation, physical activity (aerobic, resistance, yoga, tai chi) and mind-body approaches, she may recommend a variety of techniques beyond mainstream medicine such as botanical medicine, manual medicine (chiropractic, massage, osteopathic manipulation), acupuncture and aromatherapy, among others.

According to Deline, using a multimodal approach usually delivers better results than a more simplistic approach. She educates her patients on the need for a multi-modal approach to health, often using how the body works with nutrition to illustrate. “We don’t just need one or two nutrients to be healthy; we need a wide variety of macronutrients, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients working in synergy for our machinery to function optimally,” she says. A patient with hypertension, for example, is at increased risk for cardiovascular disease and will have better long-term outcomes when the approach includes not only medication when needed, but attention to nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction.

Three consultation levels are available: detailed, intermediate and limited, and established patients may opt for follow-up via virtual visit with Deline via telephone. She shares detailed office notes with patients through a secure portal and encourages secure messaging for questions and updates. She maintains that working with a patient’s other physicians “optimizes care and raises awareness to integrative approaches.”

Deline says, “You need to find the right partners to help guide your health choices. In integrative medicine, we care about your preferences and help you to wade through an often confusing myriad of choices to select an individualized approach that best suits your unique needs, and then we support you through the process.”

Location: 49 Prince St., Harrisburg. For more information, call 717-545-1717 or visit

Nancy Somera is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings.

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