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New Tri-phasic Energy Drink Now Available

Jun 26, 2014 11:15AM

IDLife recently released a tri-phasic energy drink, the newest addition to their line of high-quality, organic nutritional supplements. This all-organic energy drink contains no GMOs and is free of casein, soy and gluten. It only needs to be added to water, and comes in orange and mixed berry flavors. 

The IDLife energy drink offers a unique combination of natural energy boosters to protect the body from the challenges of today’s busy lifestyles that deplete energy required to keep the body performing at peak performance. The energy drink powder mix utilizes three primary ingredients in a tri-phasic energy replacement approach. 

Phase one releases Advantra Z that efficiently converts carbohydrates and fats into energy by enhancing metabolism. It increases concentration and alertness while suppressing appetite. Synephrine, Advantra Z’s chief component is long-lasting, so there’s no sharp decline in effect. 

Phase two uses caffeine to stimulate the central nervous system, providing feelings of alertness and well-being. 

Phase three protects against fatigue, jitters or crash, and helps reduce fluid retention with Theobromine, the primary alkaloid found in chocolate that enhances mood. 

Dallas-based IDLife, launched in February, specializes in customized nutritional supplementation. 

For more information, call 717-443-3376. 

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