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SaltEFX Expands Services with AcuSalt

In celebration of the first anniversary at SaltEFX, in Harrisburg, a new service, AcuSalt, is being offered by Licensed Acupuncturist Linda D’Agostino at 10 a.m., September 10 and September 16, and at 7 p.m., September 24.

“AcuSalt is a simultaneous salt therapy and acupuncture treatment. The noted benefits of natural salt immersion are combined with the benefits of the millennia-old practice of acupuncture. With acupuncture, the flow of qi [vital energy] in the body is regulated by being pulled to areas where it is needed and drawn from areas where it is excessive,” notes D’Agostino.

“The combined therapies create a highly relaxing and energy-balancing experience in the most breath-friendly environment you’ll find,” she says.

Cost is $40. Location: 6009 Allentown Blvd., Harrisburg. For more information or to register, call D’Agostino at 717-571-2891. 

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