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Faster EFT Protocol Now Available at Theia Light Center

Sep 01, 2014 06:32PM

Barbara Smeltzer

Barbara Smeltzer, a life coach and level III practitioner of Faster EFT, is now offering Faster EFT at no charge to servicemen through the York County Outreach Group, founded by Susan Byrnes. Sessions will be held at the Theia Light Center, in York. According to Smeltzer, the protocol offers relief from posttraumatic stress syndrome, anxiety and other related dysfunctions.

“Many of our loved ones suffer unnecessarily because of limited funding,” says Smeltzer. “Faster-EFT [Emotionally Focused Transformations] removes the emotional drivers to traumatic thought patterns. By using a system of tapping on meridians and addressing the subconscious mapping of the issue, a permanent change in our programming occurs, allowing the individual to move on with life free from tormenting emotions.”

Smeltzer explains, “Faster-EFT was founded by Robert Smith about 20 years ago; it is a composite of neurolinguistic programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy and hypnosis. The newer modality uses a menu of skills for multiple inner changes and the results are faster and easier for the user. After practicing Faster-EFT for three years, I recently blended Matrix Energetics into the recipe, which has accelerated the desired outcome.”

Location: 1946 Security Dr., York. For more information, call Barbara Smeltzer at 717-578-2719, email [email protected] or visit

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