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Jessica Shoemaker, BS, ND Alternative Healthcare Consultant

As the owner of Natural Path to Wellness, a naturopathic healthcare practice in Camp Hill, Dr. Jessica Shoemaker, BS, ND, has the privilege to collaborate with two additional naturopathic practitioners. She recently expanded her practice to include Heather DeLuca, BS, ND and Leia Anderson, BA, MS, ND to help meet the alternative medicine needs of the greater central Pennsylvania region.

“At Natural Paths to Wellness, it is our commitment to work with individuals to find their underlying cause(s) of disease and help them meet their goals for optimal health and well-being. Our naturopathic consultants maintain naturopathic medical licenses in license-eligible states and have the highest level of training in clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, safe and effective nutrient supplementation, as well as lifestyle counseling and more. In order to uncover underlying imbalances, we employ multiple state of the art functional tests and evaluations,” says Shoemaker.

Natural Paths To Wellness
3601 Gettysburg Rd. Camp Hill, PA

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