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David Sullivan, DC: Chiropractic Neurology

Dec 27, 2014 01:17PM

Dr. David Sullivan is a board-certified chiropractic neurologist and owner of Keystone Chiropractic Neurology, in Mechanicsburg. He specializes in chronic headaches, migraines and face pain, especially cases which have not seen much improvement through traditional medical care. He has published several scientific articles and is an innovator and developer of cutting-edge neurostimulation therapies.

“Migraines and chronic head pain can be truly disabling to many of our patients. Fortunately, we have many therapies at our disposal that can help people get back to living a normal life in a fairly short period of time,” Sullivan explains. “By developing the right combination of therapies, we can help people literally change the way their brain works, and reduce or eliminate their pain.”

At Keystone Chiropractic Neurology, Sullivan says, “Everything we do here is geared toward catering to people with chronic headaches and substantially improving their lives.”

Keystone Chiropractic Neurology
1001 S. Market St. Mechanicsburg, PA

October 2019