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Take Charge of Your Health with an Individually Designed Life

Dec 27, 2014 01:05PM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

Individually Designed Life (IDLife), was designed to help people take charge of their health. Founding Partner and healthy living advocate Pam Sielaff believes in self-loving acts— like taking care of our well-being. When her business associate, Logan Stout, CEO of IDLife, started a comprehensive health and wellness company, she jumped at the opportunity to become a part of it. “IDLife is truly revolutionizing the industry,” she says. “It is an innovative company, run by intelligent, creative people that really put a lot of time, energy and devotion into helping people lead healthier lives.”

One aspect that makes IDLife stand apart from the crowd is the company’s focus on health education. “Education is such an integral part of IDLife,” explains Sielaff. “I love educating our customers about living a healthier lifestyle.” Another key component is personalized nutrition. With IDLife’s online health assessment tool, IDNutrition, customers are able take a free, HIPAA-compliant questionnaire about their lifestyle, eating habits, medications and other factors, like sun exposure.

An online assessment walks clients through the procedure, and more than 4,000 algorithms process the information submitted. IDNutrition then provides customized supplement recommendations based on that data. IDNutrition also provides informational videos, helpful “why” buttons that explain the reason each supplement is recommended, and graphics to show the best time of day to take a certain supplement. Helpful lifestyle tips are included, too.

IDLife products also include an organic sleep aid and all natural weight-loss products, meal replacement shakes and energy drinks. “Our shakes and energy drinks are very popular with athletes like Troy Aikman, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and NFL sportscaster, who is an IDLife Partner and investor,” says Sielaff. “Another popular product is IDTransformation, a 90-day cleanse program that offers natural, gentle and effective detoxing.

The IDWellness program guides customers to better health using sample menus, exercise videos, articles and a community forum to help them track their progress and stay on track. “There’s always something new being launched,” says Sielaff.

Overall, Sielaff is delighted to be an IDLife Founding Partner. “I love the people I get to meet and be around. I see so many amazing transformations in people’s lives,” she says. “That’s what energizes me. It gets me going and keeps me going.”

To learn more about IDLife career opportunities, monthly informational meetings, or to take the free online assessment, call Pam Sielaff at 717-443- 3376 or visit

Erin Lehn Floresca is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine.

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