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Health Benefits of a Latex Mattress

Dec 27, 2014 12:55PM

When we hear about a rubber mattress or a latex mattress, they are both made from the sap from the rubber tree, a renewable resource which is tapped and harvested, and then whipped into foam in a centrifuge, poured into molds and steam-baked.

Either supportive as soft, natural latex foam is in a revival as a fabulous surface to sleep on. Before the development of synthetic chemical foam products, durable, comfortable natural foam rubber was a very popular material for mattresses. It fell out of favor as the world adopted synthetic substitutes—when “better living through chemistry” was in vogue.

Artificial substitutes for all sorts of natural materials, including foam rubber, consumed the marketplace. The tide of unnecessary and toxic chemicals is hard to reverse, but it’s turning today because well-informed consumers know that both human health and the environment are at stake. More consumers are now alert to what’s in or sprayed on their food and increasingly, what’s in the products they sleep on and breathe next to every night.

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