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New Hope for Chronic Headache Sufferers : Therapy Spotlight

Jan 31, 2015 01:41PM ● By Paul Baker

Dr. David Sullivan

People with severe headaches and migraines can be especially difficult to treat. Many chronic sufferers will exhaust a long list of medications, injections, therapies and surgeries, and if that fails, they are often left hopeless and in pain. But thanks to the efforts of David Sullivan, DC, DACNB, of Keystone Chiropractic Neurology, in Mechanicsburg, those people can find renewed hope for recovery and a chance to live a normal life again.

Dr. Sullivan’s discovery of a new migraine therapy in 2012 steered his efforts toward specializing in the care of chronic headaches. Since then, he has been helping people shed their pain and restore their well-being. He has also developed several other advanced therapies for treating headaches and earned a reputation as an expert in his field. “I firmly believe that the vast majority of headache sufferers can find a resolution to their pain,” says Sullivan. “But it requires careful listening, observation and teamwork to get to the bottom of it.”

About the effectiveness of the technique, Sullivan says, “We can turn off a full-blown migraine in a matter of minutes and with a more comprehensive care plan, prevent them from coming back.” That capacity for profound healing comes about through the process of neuroplasticity, the inherent flexibility of the brain. “The nerves of the body and brain can be stimulated in such ways that make them improve and grow, and many times those improvements can become permanent,” says Sullivan. “This process is akin to rewiring the brain to improve its ability to block pain.”

Sullivan is extremely thorough in his approach. Most of his patients undergo specific diagnostic testing and therapeutic modalities that target different aspects of pain. His neuro-stimulation techniques are combined in unique ways to suit the needs of each patient. He notes, “Everyone’s headaches are different, and as such, must be be treated according to their needs.” He also uses dietary modification, specific supplementation and other approaches tailored to each situation. Sullivan is passionate about his work and helping to relieve his patients’ pain. He says, “Conventional treatment tends to limit people with headaches— by avoiding triggers and keeping them isolated—but our goal is to offer freedom from pain and headache triggers, allowing people live freely without fear of getting the next headache”

In years to come, Sullivan plans on expanding his efforts to deliver the highest quality care for chronic headache sufferers. “These people are in terrible pain and need more than they are getting from traditional medicine,” he states. “Until each one of them finds relief, we’ll keep working to help people achieve the life they deserve.”

Keystone Chiropractic Neurology is located at 1001 S. Market St., in Mechanicsburg. For more information, call 717-697-0589 or visit

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