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Alexander Technique Arrives at Carlisle Bowenwork Center

Jul 01, 2015 03:43PM

Joe Schaefer

The Carlisle Bowenwork Center for Wholistic Health and Wellness is now offering the Alexander Technique, sometimes known as “movement re-education”, with teacher Joe Schaefer. Chiropractic work deals with the skeleton, massage therapy works with muscles, while the Alexander Technique addresses both the skeletal and muscular systems through the nervous system and its inherent reflexes. Our habits of movement and posture interfere with these natural reflexes to the point we distort our bodies.

Schaefer has studied the Alexander Technique extensively over the past five years with Robert Bedford, Wendy Salkind and Nancy Romita, and has also taught three workshops at Shippensburg University. For those in pain that are concerned about their posture or would simply like to take tension out of the things they do every day, the Alexander Technique can help.

Location: 200 S. Spring Garden St., Carlisle, PA. For appointments, call 717-386-8279. For more information, visit and

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