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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Keep Pets Safe All Summer Long with Basic Earth Essentials

Jul 01, 2015 04:24PM

Basic Earth Essentials handcrafts three products that are 100 percent natural and effective for dealing with summertime nuisance pests; Natural Flea & Tick for Dogs, Flea & Tick for Cats and Repel! Unlike other natural products that use only two or three essential oils, these contain a combination of more than ten essential oils and are field tested annually for effectiveness against resistance and changes in the insects it was designed to combat—plus, they are aromatically pleasing to humans.

Essential oils should not be used directly on felines, but hydrosols, the floral waters used to steam distill essential oils, are very effective, and combine to make an outdoor flea and tick mist for cat companions. Basic Earth Essentials also makes an extensive line of essential oilbased products for pets and people with the same exacting standards of quality.

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