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Neuropathy Treatment Offers Relief at Harrisburg Wellness Center

Jul 01, 2015 05:12PM ● By Rebecca Hanlon

Those that suffer from neuropathy often feel stuck with a disease that produces constant pain or fear of injury. But patients don’t have to feel at a loss with a neuropathy diagnosis, says Dr. Thomas Gault, of Gault Wellness Center, in Harrisburg.

Neuropathy, or the dysfunction of the nerves, is most commonly found in people that have diabetes. “Patients describe it as feeling like they are walking on thumbtacks, or some of them have almost no sensation in their feet,” he says.

In addition to diabetes, neuropathy can be caused by surgery, particularly in the lower back, and chemotherapy. “Essentially, blood flow has been compromised and there isn’t enough blood getting to the problem areas,” Gault says. “In extreme cases, the tissue damage can lead to people losing their limbs.”

There aren’t many medical treatments available for people that suffer from neuropathy, Gault says. In most cases, people are told to treat a lifelong issue with special shoes and medication to make them more comfortable.

 At Gault Wellness Center, patients have a variety of treatment options to bring them relief. Light frequency treatments, particularly in the form of cold laser, offer low-level laser therapy, meaning it doesn’t cut, burn or require surgery. This laser reduces the inflammatory response to neuropathy and stimulates circulation.

In addition, a series of 16 LED Light panels, about the size of a hand, emit 30 light sources and are placed on the legs for about 20 minutes to help enhance circulation, Gault says. Patients also can stand on or place their feet on a whole body vibration plate that continues to encourage circulation. These treatments are part of a multipronged approach that includes supplements and diet management.

“It’s just a small part of what we provide in terms of holistic treatments, but it’s really been very popular since we’ve offered it,” Gault says. “It gives patients hope and relief from a condition they didn’t really have an answer for.”

Gault Wellness Center is located at 2209 Forest Hills Dr., in Harrisburg. For more information, call 717-657- 1620 or visit

Rebecca Hanlon is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine.

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