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Capstone Medical Associates Adds New Healthcare Services

Jul 31, 2015 06:18PM ● By Rebecca Hanlon

Kim & Dr. Jeff Backenstoes

After 15 years of experience helping patients with wellness and anti-aging services, Capstone Medical Associates, in Palmyra, has recently added five new approaches to its range of health care services. Dr. Jeffrey Backenstoes and his wife Kim, along with a knowledgeable staff, provide services that treat patients with a variety of needs. The latest services added to the practice are broken into five categories of wellness.

Sexual health:

Using platelet-rich plasma therapy, Capstone Medical Associates is able to help men and women looking to enhance their sexual pleasure. This natural treatment draws blood from the patient and activates the stem cells in the plasma with calcium. It is then re-injected back into the patient, where it sparks new growth and regeneration of tissue and nerves, says Backenstoes.

Three different services are offered using this practice. The O Shot is for women, and the P Shot helps men with erectile dysfunction. The Vampire Breast Lift, which uses the same technique, is a nonsurgical body enhancement that brings new fullness to a woman’s breasts, something women that have been breastfeeding often find to be helpful.

Infused nutrition:

This IV therapy is offered in three forms of nutrition—Myer’s cocktail, vitamin C and EDTA chelation therapy. “People from teenagers to a gentleman in his 90s find benefits from our IV clinic,” says Backenstoes. From improving cardiovascular health and removing heavy metals with EDTA Chelation therapy and Myer’s Cocktail for enhancing energy to treating Lyme disease and cancer with vitamin C, the infused therapies have been very successful.

Heart health:

Capstone is one of three practices in the state that offers EndoPAT testing, a non-invasive process that determines someone’s risk for heart attack and stroke. Backenstoes says that

using a blood pressure cuff and finger probes that sense blood flow, he is able to perform a variety of tests to determine the health of someone’s endothelium, or the lining of the arteries.

Disease detection:

Thermal imaging is a great tool to detect pain in muscles or skeletal disorders. It’s most commonly used for breast imaging. “We’re finding we can detect areas of concern eight to 10 years sooner than a mammogram,” notes Backenstoes. Digital infrared thermal imaging detects skin temperature changes to find pockets in tissue where blood flow might be increased, often leading to the early formation of tumors. The advantage over mammograms is that there’s no radiation, no compression of the breast and no discomfort for the patient.

Body sculpting:

The practice’s weight loss clinic, headed by Kim, educates patients about how to eat to lose weight. The four-phase program focuses on learning how the body stores fat and releases it and the best ways to maintain weight loss. The second component is body contouring, which can improve the appearance of everything from crow’s feet to cellulite or excess skin from weight loss.

Each of these services fits in with Capstone’s mission. “A lot of people don’t consider these types of services because they don’t know there are alternatives out there,” says Backenstoes. “Anyone looking to age in a more healthy fashion and who wants to feel well as they age can find easy, natural ways to do so.”

Capstone Medical Associates is located at 101 W. Cherry St., in Palmyra. For more information, call 717-838-0900 or visit

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