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Nov 04, 2015 09:02PM ● By Rebecca Hanlon

A spa facial for many people is a chance to unwind and forget about the stress of the day. Don’t let the worry of harmful chemicals or additives in a spa product ruin this experience. The skin doesn’t know how to react to manmade ingredients and often responds with outbreaks, itching, redness and dry spots, says Amy Roland, owner of A Roland Salon, in New Cumberland.

Instead, her spa uses Aveda skincare products, which follows the tradition of Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old practice of using plants, herbs and aroma to heal the body. Soybean protein and algae are used to help fight aging, while wintergreen is an ingredient used to combat acne. The “perfect plant peel” provides the same exfoliation and radiance as a chemical peel without the irritation or redness, Roland notes.

Shaina Reisma, an esthetician at Tranquility Salon, in Carlisle, says that many commercial products include chemicals that can accelerate free radicals, cause respiratory damage and have other aging and health effects. She’s seen many clients using commercial products suffer from a loss of elasticity and premature aging. In addition to the Aveda line, Reisma also recommends organic products such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or essential oils.

“Natural or organic products are great during a facial because they don’t contain the harsh chemicals that might damage your skin in the long run,” she says. “You may not see immediate results, but it’s just like losing weight—gradual is the safest, most effective way.”

“Don’t be confused by a pretty label,” says Donna Daacke, owner of Simplicity Studio Spa, in Glen Rock. “A lot of money and emphasis is put into a product’s appeal in the packaging, rather than the quality of the product,” she says.

“Even if a facial product is all natural, the misuse of it can be the most harmful thing,” says Daacke. She suggests consulting a seasoned esthetician to make sure proper skin health can be achieved. Someone with sensitive skin might need to keep a product on their face for a shorter time, or they might accidentally combine products that don’t work well together. “There is a whole lot more than just ingredients to be considered,” she says.

While using the right facial products are beneficial for skin health, so is a healthy diet and exercise, says Stacie Sheely, owner of Polished Salon, Spa and Wellness, in Lemoyne. The spa incorporates a natural supplement line from M’lis, which complements many skincare routines.

“The gut plays a large role in skin and brain health, and balancing the bacteria in the gut can greatly improve acne,” says Sheely. “We like to teach the client how to love themselves well and guide them in the right direction. The way your skin looks is telling you something about how your body feels.”

A Roland Salon is located at 516 Bridge St., New Cumberland. For more information, call 717-695-4425 or visit

Tranquility Salon is located at 257 Penrose Pl., Carlisle. For more information, call 717-218-8732 or visit

Simplicity Studio Spa is located at 48 Water St., Glen Rock. For more information, call 717-858-0004 or visit

Polished Salon, Spa and Wellness is located at 829 State St., Lemoyne. For more information, call 717-975-9036 or visit

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