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Prebiotin Now Available in Powdered Form

Nov 04, 2015 06:58PM

Frank W. Jackson, MD

Prebiotin, from Jackson GI Medical, the top doctor recommended prebiotic fiber, is now available in powdered form as a daily dietary supplement to help feed and grow the good bacteria in the gut, which is essential to overall good health. Prebiotics are not probiotics (live organisms), but rather the food to nourish them, helping the good bacteria to eliminate the bad bacteria that are the root cause of many conditions and disorders.

Prebiotin prebiotic fiber recently has been selected for testing and studied in two National Institute of Health (NIH)- funded and coordinated studies taking place simultaneously at more than half a dozen prestigious medical research facilities and universities throughout the United States.

Founded by Frank W. Jackson, M.D., gastroenterologist, Jackson GI Medical is dedicated to the responsible development and marketing of medically credible nutritional supplements. Jackson was educated at Princeton, Johns Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania and practiced gastroenterology for almost 40 years.

Prebiotin is sold online at and in select natural markets and health food stores nationwide. Locally, it is available at the Healthy Grocer, in Camp Hill. For more information, call 1-855-466-3488 or 717-731-1805, email [email protected]


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