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Maximize Vitamin Supplements with IV Therapy

Nov 04, 2015 08:59PM ● By Dr. Jeffrey Backenstoes DO, ABAARM, FAARFM

Sometimes we start taking a vitamin or supplement and wondered why it isn’t working. It is possible that we are not properly absorbing the nutrients through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Poor digestion and absorption are very common due to difficulties with stomach acid, parasites and opportunistic bacteria. Nutritional intravenous (IV) therapy bypasses the GI tract, so 100 percent of the supplement or medication enters the bloodstream and is available to bathe cells in nutrients they are lacking.

There are many different nutritional IV Therapies available. One of the most commonly used is the Myer’s Cocktail, a combination of several different vitamins that can be beneficial for a variety of health issues, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression, asthma, headaches, adrenal dysfunction and many others.

Another popular IV is vitamin C. Most people can only tolerate about 3,000 to 5,000 milligrams of vitamin C orally, but it can be given in doses as high as 100,000 milligrams via the IV. The dose depends on what it is being used for, such as immune system enhancement, Lyme disease, heart health and cancer.

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the U.S., and conventional therapy can only do so much. IV chelation therapy with EDTA has been used for decades for heart health. By removing excess deposits of iron and calcium from the arteries, IV EDTA can help improve endothelial function. Many use it a last ditch effort, but if used earlier in the course of the disease, it helps maximize benefits. IV EDTA is also used to remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Heavy metals interfere with normal cellular function, so removing them improves overall health and reduces risk of future complications. Other IV therapies include glutathione, alpha-lipoic acid, hydrogen peroxide and many other customized formulas.

Dr. Jeffrey Backenstoes DO, ABAARM, FAARFM, board certified in internal medicine, anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine, is the owner of Capstone Medical Associates, 101 W. Cherry St, Palmyra. For more information, call 717-838-0900 or visit

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