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Thermography a Powerful Diagnostic Tool

Nov 26, 2015 02:02PM ● By Dr. Jeffrey Backenstoes DO, ABAARM, FAARFM

For many women, having a mammogram causes fear and anxiety. They express concerns about the physical trauma and long-term effects of radiation. They do their monthly breast self-examinations and annual doctor examinations, but still wonder what else is there. A breast screening tool that very few people know about because it’s not promoted or even known about by their doctor is called digital infrared thermal imaging, or thermography.

This non-invasive method screens the breasts for changes, indicating a potential problem. Thermography can detect very small changes in skin surface temperature that can be an indication of underlying inflammation, vascular changes and abnormal lymph activity. These are all very early changes that occur prior to tumor growth. They can develop for as long as 10 years before a tumor actually develops. Mammograms can detect this process only after the tumor has developed; up to 10 years later.

Thermography not only provides earlier detection, it is non-invasive, with no contact with the breast, completely painless (no breast compression) and best of all, radiation-free. The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes in an office setting and a full report is provided to the referring doctor and the patient. Adding thermography to a breast screening regimen is a great tool for early detection and treatment of breast health.

Dr. Jeffrey Backenstoes DO, ABAARM, FAARFM, board certified in internal medicine, anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine, is the owner of Capstone Medical Associates, 101 W. Cherry St, in Palmyra. For more information, call 717-838-0900 or visit

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