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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Transformational Event with Sherry Pae

Nov 26, 2015 01:40PM

Sherry Pae, RN, BS, BHSP

Sherry Pae, RN, BS, BHSP, a practitioner and teacher in the field of spiritual awakening, energy healing, integrative medicine, body-centered and transpersonal psychology, continuum movement, and personal transformation for over 30 years, will conduct an event from 6 p.m., December 3, to 1 p.m., December 6, at the Temenos Retreat Center, in West Chester.

The gathering is more than a workshop; it is the manifestation of the paradigm shift that is happening on a global level. This shift is calling all of us to recognize our lives, our humanity, our process of healing and awakening as inextricable. We are being called to heal, awaken, transform and grow together as one global body. This is the foundation of the Alchemical Body gatherings that Pae will be leading.

Pae worked with light healer Dr. Barbara Brennan for 23 years and is currently leading groups throughout the world in the process of integrating, embodying and living a consciousness of Ubuntu that supports the arising awakening of humanity as a global community.

Location: 1564 Telegraph Rd., West Chester, PA. For more information, call 646-648-0395 or email [email protected] or [email protected]

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