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Well-Being Through Synergy at Love and Light Institute

Dec 30, 2015 09:52PM ● By Marlaina Donato

Magali Diskus, owner of the Love & Light Institute

Healing on any level is a personal journey that often requires more than one avenue. This concept of well-being is very important to Magali Diskus, owner of the Love and Light Institute, in Mechanicsburg. Her background in cognitive psychology, combined with an extensive study of energy medicine has inspired her to forge a synergistic approach to healing. “I’ve always been fascinated with how the brain works, yet I am also a very intuitive person, so I followed my passions and found a multi-dimensional healing path. People are complex, and addressing only one aspect of their being doesn’t make sense to me,” says Diskus.

Facilitating positive change is important to Diskus, and she brings many assets to the table to promote the process. “Everyone has different needs, and I listen to each need and meet the person where they are at,” explains Diskus. She chooses a variety of approaches that may include multifaceted energy work, spiritual counseling, life coaching, meditation, visualization, tools for self-care and her own line of custom essential oil blends.

“Each piece is an intricate part of the healing process,” emphasizes Diskus. Most importantly, her approach can assist in clearing stubborn, subconscious patterns that block healing and keep a person stuck. “By introducing new perspectives, I invite the shift,” she says. “Once the person shifts perception, they are able to see what was invisible before.”

People of all ages and walks of life can benefit from the services offered at the Love and Light Institute, including holistic practitioners that wish to replenish the energy that is often compromised in their line of work. It is not unusual for clients to respond positively after the first session, particularly children and teenagers that are challenged by anxiety and depression. “It is amazing how kids soak up the energy; sometimes at lightning speed. No matter what age, the reasons people come to me are varied; from physical complaints like insomnia and nervousness to the deep, simple need to feel more joy in life,” says Diskus.

Her mastery of Reiki is eclectic, drawing from five systems, including traditional Usui and newer models such as Celtic and kundalini. “Reiki is like an energetic language,” says Diskus. “The same way there are different languages, there are different energy signatures. There are many types of energy in the universe available to us, and each individual has a specific energetic frequency.”

In addition to individualized sessions, Diskus offers exclusive group meditation classes for all ages. The Mind and Focus program for kids begins in January and offers meditation, drumming and brain gym classes. Diskus shows that dedication to her path when she affirms, “I am simply a guide who offers tools. Each person needs to do their part in their healing process. It is their path, their life. They are the healer.”

Marlaina Donato is a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine.

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