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Harrisburg Salt Room Offers Many Health Benefits

Mar 31, 2016 11:43PM

After visiting several salt rooms, Melanie “Mel” McGuire, owner of SaltEfx, in Harrisburg, confirmed that salt therapy improved the way she felt. “I began researching salt therapy and its origins and decided I wanted to open a special place where people could come and escape from the world for just about an hour to relax and benefit from salt treatments for skin or respiratory issues,” she explains.

Her dream turned into a reality when she opened SaltEfx in September 2013. “Our model here is very simple —our services revolve around salt. One of the most popular ways folks like to receive their salt treatment is on the floor. Our main salt room floor is heated and covered with a larger Himalayan salt pebble,” says McGuire, who is often seen gently tucking someone in with salt around their body to ensure they are snuggled in and enjoying the warmth on sore muscles or pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia or even Lyme disease. SaltEfx offers a main salt room, a family room/private salt room and a salt bed chamber.

In addition to relaxing in one of the salt rooms, SaltEfx offers other treatments including AcuSalt Acupuncture, Salt and Soul Reiki and, occasionally, Foot Sole Reflexology. On the retail side, visitors can find salt lamps, salt cooking tiles, Himalayan salt soap, salt shakers and more. SaltEfx also sells True Frequency products. “This ‘frequency’ jewelry line protects you from EMFs and Wi-Fi signals and gives you balance and strength,” says McGuire.

According to McGuire, salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, can contribute to overall well-being. “I’m often asked how it works. Our salt rooms are equipped with halo generators that grind up pharmaceutical-grade salt into tiny microparticles.” They are then dispersed into the salt room, inhaled and penetrate deep into the lungs to treat upper and lower respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, common cold, bronchitis, COPD, cystic fibrosis and more. Even the salt particles that fall on the skin are beneficial. “The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of salt have been shown to effectively treat a variety of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and more.”

McGuire asserts that halotherapy benefits adults and children alike. “It’s natural, chemical-free and safe, and there are no side effects. However, you don’t need to have any health conditions to enjoy the benefits of dry salt therapy. It’s very beneficial for overall general wellness, since it helps to remove toxins from the respiratory system that we’re exposed to on a daily basis. Halotherapy is an excellent way to cleanse and detox the lungs, as well as invigorate the whole body with increased lung capacity and oxygen intake,” she says.

For general respiratory hygiene, McGuire suggests that a weekly visit to a salt room is enough to enhance lung capacity, boost the immune system, reduce stress and improve sleep. However, chronic and acute respiratory conditions require more sessions. “The increased frequency of visits can help manage the symptoms and provide greater relief over time,” she says.

SaltEfx is located at 6045 Allentown Blvd., Harrisburg. For more information, call 717-635-9271 or visit

Erin Lehn Floresca is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine. 

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