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Uncovering the Blessings of ADHD at Attention Desires Direction

Apr 29, 2016 06:49PM ● By Marlaina Donato

Lynn Shumaker, owner 'Attention Desires Direction'

Lynn Shumaker, of Attention Desires Direction, was an educator for more than 30 years before becoming a certified ADHD life coach and opening her business in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. The calling to specialize in the unique challenges presented by attention deficit disorders was sparked by direct experience within her family and decades spent in the classroom. “I have always felt that learning should be fun, not a struggle. I had a lot of students with ADHD, and I was drawn to those kids who were frustrated and having trouble with their school work,” says Shumaker.

A pastor at Shumaker’s local church inspired her to pursue life coaching. After extensive research on ADHD counseling, she was certified by the ADHD Coach Academy. “I feel extremely called to this path. The connection with my clients is very gratifying, especially when someone says that our work together is the most powerful thing they have ever experienced,” says Shumaker.

Shumaker’s fervent intention for her clients is to uncover the overlooked gifts of ADHD, rather than focus on the difficulties of the condition. Services at Attention Desires Direction can help both adults and children to harness their unique strengths and abilities. “A lot of people with ADHD experience shame from a very young age, and this shame continues into adulthood. The positive aspects of ADHD often remain untapped. In reality, people with ADHD can be highly creative and have a tendency to solve problems by thinking outside the box. A big part of finding key strengths is actively, intently listening to the client and finding patterns of past success that we can apply to the present time,” says Shumaker.

Her life coaching sessions are highly individualized and target key areas of executive function, including time management, organization and processing, all of which can challenge an adult or child with ADHD. The more subtle nuances of ADHD such as high emotional sensitivity and empathic tendencies are also seen as assets when utilized correctly. When it is taken into account that the effects of ADHD directly impact the family dynamic, partnerships and the work place, it is not surprising that many sufferers experience a high rate of concurring conditions such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks, sleep disturbances, learning difficulties and substance abuse. “ADHD life coaching does not eliminate the condition, but it can bring about a higher level of functioning, success and joy for life. A client who wants to grow by putting in the work can leave with powerful, but simple strategies,” says Shumaker.

Her 45-minute consultations are offered in packages of two to four sessions per month, and the first session is complimentary. For clients outside the local area, she offers sessions via phone and Skype. For her younger clients, Shumaker incorporates principles from the Relax Kids program that include creative movement, games, yoga stretches, positive affirmations and meditation. Parents are encouraged to sit in. “My primary goal is to remove stigmas and reveal the gifts of ADHD. It’s my passion,” says Shumaker with conviction.

Attention Desires Direction is located in Dillsburg. For more information, call 717-991-9797 or visit

Marlaina Donato is a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine.

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