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Learn to Balance the Body’s Acidity to Avoid Inflammation

Michelle Wohlfarth

Healthy Living Kitchen is teaching a Food Therapy class from 6 to 8:30 p.m., May 19, that focuses on the Anti-Arthritis Diet—cooking for strong bones and to reduce inflammation, by looking at the best whole foods that support calcium absorption and utilization and foods that are easily digestible by the system.

Holistic health educator, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and owner Michelle Wohlfarth says, “We’ll introduce you to super foods like seaweed and teach you how to make delicious broths that support bone strength. You’ll sample recipes and foods that are helpful in achieving balance and create special alkalizing soups to eat when needed.”

She notes that it’s important to pay attention now in order to avoid inflammation in the future. the class will focus on the signs of a diet that is too acidic and which foods help alkalize the body and keep it inflammation-free and help with bone strength which overload the body with acid metabolics.

Cost is $50. Location: 16 S. Rosanna St., Hummelstown, PA. For more information, call 717-512-0077 or visit

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