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Little Changes Make a Big Difference for Healthy Eating

Apr 29, 2016 06:56PM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

There are plenty of lifestyle variations we could all make to improve our health and well-being. Oftentimes, they don’t get implemented due to sheer being overwhelmed. However, there are some small changes that we can make in our daily food habits that can make create a big difference. Natural Awakenings reached out to several local practitioners to find out what easy things our readers could do today to improve their overall health.

Eat the Colors of the Rainbow

Jessica Shoemaker, ND, founder of Natural Paths To Wellness, in Camp Hill, tells her patients to count their colors.When I first meet patients, their diets are often lacking in colorful fruits and vegetables which can greatly promote their health. I ask my patients to begin by getting five different colors of the rainbow into their diets per day,” she shares.

Stay away from Plastic

Leia Anderson, ND, practicing at Natural Paths To Wellness, in Camp Hill, feels that one of the most important changes we can make is to stop drinking bottled water. “The chemicals found in plastic bottles leach into the liquid, thus altering hormones and slowing weight loss. Instead, invest in a home water filter and keep your water in glass or stainless steel. This is much more cost-effective over time, better for the environment, and better for you,” she says.

View Food as Medicine

Dr. Ida Page, founder of Natural Health Improvement Center, in Carlisle, feels that a person can practically melt off unhealthy excess fat and improve their health by learning to view food as healthy medicine for the body. “Learn to find pleasure in eating organic vegetables and fruits and unprocessed foods. Cravings and physical symptoms will go away because the body has what it needs to heal itself and function as a well-conditioned machine,” assures Page.

Eat Clean and Organic

Sean Carey, DC, owner of Carey Chiropractic, in York, agrees with those sentiments. “The ultimate goal when it comes to healthy eating is to avoid putting any ‘food’ into your body that has in any way been altered by man. A good place to begin is to commit to two to three weeks of replacing white sugar and white flour with fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only will you start noticing your clothes fit better, you'll start feeling calmer and more energetic. Hopefully, it will give you a new motivation to move further into your journey of health and longevity,” he says.

Chew Mindfully

Michelle Wohlfarth, founder of Healthy Living Kitchen, in Hummelstown, takes it a step further. “One of the recommendations we always make is to chew your food. If you take time to chew your food at least 25 times per bite, not only will you digest your food better, but you will eat less and weigh less. This is a very easy step that everyone can take, no matter what type of diet they are currently eating,” she explains.

Implement Many Small Changes

Pentti Nupponen, DMD, owner of Halifax Dentistry, in Halifax, likes to lead by example. When his own weight climbed up, he added several new habits to his routine. “I knew I had to change or I was not going to survive,” says this certified nutritional counselor whose habits include not eating after 6 p.m., only eating when he is hungry and stopping before he feels full, drinking plenty of purified water and consuming more fiber.

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