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Serenity on Tap

May 30, 2016 05:08PM

Mike & Tracey Heiter

Dissolve Float Spa floatation therapy is now open at 2211 Market Street, in Camp Hill, with easy access for clients throughout South Central Pennsylvania. The newly renovated location currently has three private float rooms. Benefits include stress relief, increased creativity, mental clarity, accelerated learning, enhanced alertness and problem solving, less depression, muscle recovery, lower blood pressure, reduced swelling and inflammation, boosted immunity, reduced joint pain, migraine headache relief and heightened senses.

Owners Michael and Tracy Heiter say, “Floatation therapy is a proven holistic health treatment that is backed by decades of scientific research. Athletes, students, executives, chronic pain sufferers and anyone that is in need of an escape from life's daily stressors may benefit from floating.” A private float room contains a shower and float pod filled with 10 inches of pristine water that is heated to the skin's external temperature. Filled with 900 pounds of high-grade Epsom salts, the pod’s occupant floats effortlessly, free from gravity and external stimuli.

For more information, call 717-730-0600 or visit

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