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GreenLine Paper Company Sells Organic Sunscreen

Aug 03, 2016 11:22PM

Greenline Paper Company, in York, which specializes in green office paper products, calendars, toner, ink, organic foods and more, now carries Goddess Garden Organic Sunscreen. It is free from hormone disruptors, certified organic, sheer and non-whitening, effective immediately, non-greasy, easy to apply, providesbroad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and is reef-safe and biodegradable. Most sunscreens list all sorts of exotic chemicals to keep sunburn at bay.

Goddess Garden Organic Sunscreen was created because the founder’s daughter was allergic to conventional body care products, so they take care to only include the safest organic ingredients to create their products. There are no hormone-disrupting chemicals such as oxybenzone in this sunscreen, only great, natural ingredients like minerals, lavender, radish, soy and sunflower oil.

To place an order, call 800-641-1117 or visit

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