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Finding Your Inner Goddess

Dec 02, 2016 09:46PM ● By Kate Morgan

Elaine Torrance-Gingrich

At Avalonian Moon, Elaine Torrance-Gingrich is devoted to helping women in Harrisburg and the surrounding area embrace their inner goddess. Torrance-Gingrich uses The Goddess Life Method to inspire her clients. “Women are feeling a little disconnected from their true selves – their divine selves,” Torrance-Gingrich says. “The divine feminine is awakening, and those that are called to be healers, teachers, coaches and mentors are being called to stand in their power. I’m helping women connect to what I call their core goddess energies.”

Torrance-Gingrich helps women understand the 12 main archetypes to find the goddess energies they most associate with. “We do an assessment to identify their top two goddess energies,” she says. “They’re the traits, like comfort, community, strength, wisdom and passion, which are strongest and most prominent throughout our lives. That connects back to what each woman is the goddess of. It’s really interesting, humbling and rewarding to connect back to these energies.”

Once they’ve identified the goddess within, Torrance-Gingrich works to help her clients accept and appreciate their gifts in ways that will raise their vibrations and better their lives. “You get what you attract, and we want to shift and raise vibrations so they’re a match to what you say you want,” she says. “In every perceived negative situation in our lives, there is a gift to be had. These are things we don’t always see in the moment, but given some hindsight and perspective, we can see anything as a gift. We learn to see negatives as a step on the journey.”

While she advocates embracing life as it comes, a big part of taking care of the goddess, Torrance-Gingrich says, is occasionally allowing ourselves to say no. “We feel this need to justify it, and we don’t have to. ‘No.’ is a complete sentence,” she says. “That can be a challenging part of the process, but it’s empowering, and it’s part of the last step of The Goddess Life Method, which is just going out and enjoying your life. You expect all the good that’s going to flow to you and manage your energies.”

Torrance-Gingrich wants her clients – and all women – to understand the importance of self-reflection and self-care. “It’s called ‘nurturing the goddess,’” she explains. “It’s about taking good care of yourself and creating boundaries around your time and energy. If your well is depleted, you have nothing left to give. Women are taught to tend to our husbands, children, jobs and communities; not ourselves. We need to make ourselves a priority so we’re able to do the things we wish to do in this world.”

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Kate Morgan is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine.

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