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Maybe Every Day is New Year’s Day.

Jan 01, 2017 09:07PM

Dave Korba

It’s a new year, a new you and a new me—or is it? This time of year attracts optimism for transition and change; or maybe more accurately, it invites dreams about transition and change or even real plans for it. But what’s really going to change?

If you’re like me, you get your mind straight and adjust your attitude. You get psyched, excited and ready to break through to heightened levels of achievement in physical fitness, proper diet and nutrition, targeted weight loss, spiritual attunement, mindfulness, happiness and geez, let’s throw in some downright bliss and financial abundance for good measure.

So…get ready…get psyched…and… Oh, wait a minute, don’t forget to buy that new book, video or training program first. Then let’s budget some time to read and learn about the new processes we’re going to implement. Maybe I need to shop for some new clothes or equipment to assist me in my efforts. You know what? Maybe this is going to take more time, energy, focus and money than I really have right now.

Besides, I really should take care and not overextend myself. I’m really not in that bad shape anyway, so if I can just maintain where I’m at, I’ll probably have more time and money in a few months, or definitely by time next year rolls around. I’ll surely be more mentally and financially prepared to “rock it” then.

For my golfing friends, I offer the words of Ben Hogan, who said the secret is “in the dirt.” To my Buddhist friends, I extol the call to “chop wood, carry water.”  To everyone else, I remind us that, “Man plans, God laughs.” My editor says, “I wanted to write a book about procrastination, but I just couldn’t find the time.”

Perhaps it’s worth considering the possibility that the road to achievement and the experience of transformation is gradual, based on consistency over time and enmeshed with the day-to-day experiences of being human. Don’t mistake this as a message to not strive, excel, achieve and accomplish. Do all of those things, but also remember to love yourself. Be present in the moment, do the best you can and keep moving forward consistently with what you have, from wherever you are.

Maybe there is no magic prism to pass through on New Year’s Day. Maybe every day is New Year’s Day. My wish for you is that every day you find and take actions, small or large, that keep moving you forward, transforming you and allowing you to feel good, live simply and laugh more. 

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