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WellSpring Health Provides Peaceful Pain Relief

May 26, 2017 10:06PM ● By Gisele Rinaldi Siebold

Bill Maguire

WellSpring Health is an integrative medical pain center in York that focuses on soft tissue pain and uses a team approach to health care in a unique, healing environment. Providing peace from pain is at the heart of the work that Advanced Manual Therapist Bill Maguire and his team of practitioners do. Through an individualized partnership with a core team of expert integrative medical professionals, clients experience a deep and personalized experience that sets them on a different path to health.

With nearly 30 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist and traditional naturopath certified in neuromuscular therapy, Maguire leads with a multifaceted approach according to each individual’s needs. Manual therapy techniques and unique strategies are designed to help realize the best possible health with a focus on soft tissue pain and treating the whole person.

The WellSpring Health integrative team takes the time to understand each individual, create a treatment plan to identify health concerns and health goals, and provides ongoing support after a major medical or life event to ensure that complete healing occurs––physically, emotionally and spiritually. The team helps clients incorporate the most effective strategies into their lives, along with medical treatment, physical therapy, mindfulness meditation, nutrition, supplements, acupuncture, movement and exercise, bodywork, therapeutic massage, mind-body techniques and myofascial release, which applies gentle, sustained pressure to myosfascial connective tissue in order to eliminate pain and restore motion.

“Chronic pain becomes the disease, even though pain is not a disease,” notes Maguire. “Whatever the reason a person comes in with pain, our team approaches the area of the pain, but also looks at the whole body, because the body is so adept at compensating for pain.”

As a member of the team, Robin Phlieger, a physical therapist and certified athletic trainer, offers trauma-informed treatment through gentle-touch manual therapy and exercises. Maguire and Phlieger are joined by Georgia Evearitt, a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist who has successfully completed several John Barnes myofascial release courses.

They educate and help clients shift their paradigm. “People stuff and shove their emotions because they were taught from a young age not to cry or show ‘negative’ emotions. We allow people to have a safe environment in which to express emotions and help to find resolution for the pain,” explains Maguire. “There are more pain pathways than the physical pain that we see. Coupled with the stress of life, pain becomes even more debilitating. Emotions need to be cared for as much as an upset stomach or a cut.”

Because treatment plans include gentle-touch therapy, clients are encouraged to bring along a family member to learn the exercise techniques that can be done at home to help with healing. “True care is provided for the heart in the art of what we do, which is treat the whole body and address the underlying causes of pain so that complete wellness and wholeness comes back,” shares Maguire. “We give people back hope, and that gives people the breath to exhale with relief.”

WellSpring Health is located at 924 A Colonial Ave., in York. For appointments, call 717-849-2434. For more information, visit

Gisele Siebold is a contributing writer for Natural Awakenings, South Central edition. Connect with her at [email protected]

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