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A Yoga-Inspired Life Coach

May 26, 2017 09:50PM ● By Kate Morgan

Casey Giovinco

Casey Giovinco is a longtime personal trainer who began to notice a worrisome trend among his clients. “I really loved what I did; I loved helping people,” Giovinco says. “I was noticing, though, that motivation was a huge problem. Clients would sign up for sessions at 6 a.m., but if it was raining or snowing, or something else went wrong, there was always a reason to stay in bed. It was like I was trying to fight this internal struggle in their own minds.”

Giovinco began to think he could be helping his clients better their entire lives, and not just their physical health. “I started to ask myself, ‘What does it take to motivate people?’” Giovinco says. “All these things kept leading me back to life coaching.”

Giovinco got certified as a life coach with the Coach Training Alliance, and immediately noticed a change in his people. “The work I was putting in on the motivational side was really paying off with clients,” he says. “They’d get more and more excited about being physically fit. I realized that same level of inspiration or motivation worked for anything they brought to the table.”

Now, Giovinco focus his Harrisburg-based life coaching around yoga, which he says only intensifies the benefits. “At the end of a yoga practice, you feel euphoric, blissful and youthful,” he says. “It’s not only making you healthy and vibrant; it’s giving you back a piece of yourself you thought you had lost. Yoga practice feeds your coaching practice and vice-versa. Yoga makes you mentally flexible.”

Giovinco offers a free introductory coaching session and encourages everyone—particularly, people that feel they’ve been marginalized or isolated by a typical gym setting—to give it a shot. “When people are told, ‘Join X,Y, or Z gym and you’ll be thin and not alone anymore,’ that’s just playing on their subconscious fears,” Giovinco advises. “So these people come to me shell-shocked, wanting a place where they can feel comfortable. My job is to help them feel good in body, mind and soul and realize the life they want to have.”

For more information, call 717-462-6393, or visit  

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