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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Children’s Pro-Science March for Humanity

May 26, 2017 09:28PM

A nationwide Children’s March for Humanity (CMFH) and rally will take place in 26 cities across the country on June 17 to highlight the segregation and anti-science discrimination taking place among those choosing to decline even a single vaccine, with the main march in Washington, D.C. This family-friendly event features speakers, kids’ activities and resources to assist families on their journey of discovery.

America has the highest infant mortality rate of any industrialized nation. Approximately 50 percent of American children are chronically ill, one in six have a neurological disorder and more than 8 million are prescribed psychiatric medication.

CMFH claims that chronic and neurological conditions such as eczema, allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD, neurological tics, speech delays, autism, cancer and more are not normal. Once a condition is normalized, discovering root causes is no longer a concern, thus proper prevention  and healing cannot take place. They want to plant seeds of curiosity and desire in hearts of parents nationwide to learn more about possible root causes for their children's health issues, providing resources for alternative, natural health choices for healing and prevention.

Location: U.S. Capitol Building grounds, Washington, D.C. For information and registration, visit

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