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Kudos - Heidi Collier at Susquehanna Dental Arts

Jul 30, 2017 08:16PM

Heidi Collier

After assisting patients for 17 years, Heidi Collier has become a licensed expanded function dental assistant (EFDA) at Susquehanna Dental Arts, trained to do things that previously only Dr. Owen Allison could do, thus freeing him up for other important tasks.

Allison says, “It took a lot for her to go to school, work and keep up with her family, but she stepped up to the plate. Our congrats to Heidi for her continued efforts for excellence.We continue to not only bring the best and least harmful products to our patients but the best services from well-trained and updated practitioners.”

Location: 100 S. 18th St., Columbia, PA, at the Columbia Shopping Center. For appointments, call 717-684-3943. For more information, visit

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