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Misiti Returns to Camp Hill to Teach Yoga

Mar 26, 2018 06:40PM

Bobbi Misiti, of BeFit Yoga, who travels the world teaching the ancient practice, will be in town at Mending Roots Wellness from May to September. She is the founder of BeFit Body & Mind, and has worked independently since 1990 teaching better health through fresh whole foods, plants and herbs, yoga, movement of body and aromatherapy. In 2001, she opened Befit Body & Mind Yoga to share the experience of teaching individualized yoga practices within a small group setting—a very different approach than group led classes.

“In a Mysore yoga class, the entire group is not cued simultaneously through the same routine. Instead, we teach individually to each person in the class, even though people may learn the same postures, how each person does the postures is different and how quickly each person progresses is different,” says Misiti.

Mending Roots Wellness also offers massage, nutrition, reiki, life coaching, workshops, an artisan boutique and more.

Location: 2138 Market St., Camp Hill. For more information, call 717-850-7120 or visit

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