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Volunteers Needed to Bring Mindfulness to Kids in School

Mar 26, 2018 06:37PM

Emotional and social support is at a minimum for students, many of which are subject to domestic abuse, poverty, bullying and other adverse childhood experiences (ACES). Rachel Wilson, founder and owner of the Om My Yoga studio and Om My Yoga Academy, a 200- and 500-hour registered yoga school, states, “There is a movement on the rise to bring regular and consistent education on mindfulness and yoga to the public schools at a statewide level. These time-tested practices have been proven to reduce stress, increase attention and improve general life satisfaction and mental health. The movement is already happening within a population of compassionate and concerned parents, teachers, social workers, counselors, doctors, yoga teachers, therapists, meditation leaders and even the students themselves.”

Stress wears on the nervous system and leaves the body and mind susceptible to disease. In the high-pressure lives of many students, this stress takes a devastating toll. Continued existence in a hormone-fueled state of anxiety can be toxic in ways to the developing brain that are not unlike drug or alcohol abuse.

Those interested in supporting or joining the conversation may connect on Facebook community at Forum on Yoga and Mindfulness in Schools or email Wilson at [email protected].

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