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Loving Reins Equine Assisted Learning

Sheri Biller started Loving Reins Equine Assisted Learning at 1215 McCormick Road, in Mechanicsburg, in June to help those suffering from trauma, abuse and neglect as a way to give back. She says, “These equine assisted learning programs focus on mental health by promoting mindfulness, self-awareness and self-discovery. Some of those who benefit most are those with ADD, anxiety, self-esteem and home dynamic issues.” Biller works primarily with children, but is growing with the adult population, especially with veterans and others with PTSD.

“Horses mirror what's going on inside a person, which helps to reveal the handler's emotions. By working with horses, the handler learns more about building rapport and relationships, as well as other critical life and communication skills. These programs offer an alternative, hands-on method of promoting emotional, mental, physical and social wellness for adults, children and families,” explains Biller.

“All programs are client-centered, versus a standard, prescribed program, which allows for one time, once a week, once a month or whatever the client requires,” says Biller. Sessions are typically $60/hour, but each client and session is based on the needs of the individual.

For more information, call Biller at 717-608-1330, email [email protected] or visit