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Take the #Rise Together Challenge in York

York XL, a nonprofit fund under the fiscal agency of Philanthropic Endeavors Foundation, focused on grass-root community revitalization in York, is seeking volunteers for a project of planting 100 Gardens on the same day on June 30, 2019. Organizations and businesses that take part in the #Rise Together Challenge will change York County and York City by carrying out their big idea.

Volunteers are needed on the engagement committee to create and implement a strategy for engaging York city/county residents; marketing committee to create and implement a strategy to market all aspects of the 100 gardens, including fundraising, engagement and events; fundraising committee to develop the fundraising strategy, including grants and events subcommittees; gardens committee to create criteria for garden site selection, plan each garden and develop a detailed plan for the build day, including allocation of people and materials; and solutions committee to anticipate and resolve large-scale roadblocks for any committee.

In addition to the gardens, the project includes 24 new murals, 30 tons of litter picked up, 500 children playing flag football in one park, 20 parks cleaned up, 50 houses painted, 20 boarded-up properties decorated and 1,000 trees planted.

To get involved, call 717-893-6893, email [email protected], or visit

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