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Exercise Benefits the Entire Body

Dec 27, 2018 06:47PM ● By Andrew Zang

Every body system benefits from exercise. To begin with, exercise is great for the heart, lungs, and cardiovascular system in general. The more we exercise, the more blood the heart pumps and the stronger and more efficient it becomes. At the same time, the lungs get better at oxygenating the blood that is important for every organ/body system. From the muscle/skeletal system standpoint, exercise can help improve strength, flexibility, power, endurance and bone density, thus helping to live a more active lifestyle.

Exercise can also help improve mental wellness. By exercising, the body releases chemicals in the brain and hormones known to enhance mood and reduce depression. Exercise is also known to enhance memory, concentration and release chemicals that protect the brain.

We know that exercise burns calories and can help a person lose weight. When we add this all up, exercise helps each and every system in the body and reduces a person’s risk for heart disease, diabetics, dementia and more. The bottom line is that we should exercise more to age better.

Dr. Andrew Zang, owner of Zang Physical Therapy, is board-certified in orthopedics and a fellowship-trained physical therapist. For more information, call 717-440-6197.

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