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Passion Starts with the Heart

Jan 26, 2019 08:33PM

The new year is a time for a fresh start and an opportunity to leave our old selves behind.  While we set out with the best of intentions to make lasting changes, the reality is that our motivation often dwindles as our new and previously exciting routines quickly become mundane.

With a little help from doTERRA Passion, we can continue to approach new routines with vigor and excitement throughout the year. Enriched with a combination of spice and herb essential oils, Passion will help fill the senses with renewed joy, helping us find greater delight in all that surrounds us.

With so many compelling features, Passion is a must-have oil to inspire emotions and enhance overall wellness.  Intensify love for life by applying Passion over the heart, to wrists or neck or by diffusing throughout the day.

Uplift + Energize

1 drop doTERRA Passion

2 drops Wild Orange

3 drops Grapefruit


2 drops Passion

2 drops Peppermint

2 drops Serenity

Ground + Balance Emotions

1 drop Passion

1 drop Sandalwood

2 drops Douglas Fir

Inspire + Motivate

1 drop of Wintergreen

2 drops of Passion


2 drops of Arborvitae

3 drops of Passion


1 drop Passion

1 drop Cinnamon

For more information, call Jen and Jeff Frey at 717-503-0673 or 717-580-5139, email [email protected] or visit

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