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Intentional Blessings

Dec 29, 2020 12:04PM ● By Sharon Muzio - Sharon Askey - Deborah Kearns

As a supplement to this month’s Inspiration Department article entitled, “House Blessings for Clearing and Protecting Spaces,” three local practitioners offer their thoughts and specific blessings for creating sacred space and offering intentional blessings for various situations.

Blessings Illuminate Joy

by Sharon Muzio

Blessings help us to find joy in all things because they shine light upon goodness, gratitude and hope.

Prayer of Gratitude

A gratitude prayer is the perfect blessing for every occasion. When we express gratitude, we usher in a flow of goodness and joy.

Simply say, “I am grateful.” There is no need to say more; the intention is understood.


Car Blessing/Protection Ritual

When you obtain a new car or a car that is new to you, put something red in the door storage, or under the driver’s seat. This could be a piece of cloth, a ribbon, a tiny red plush toy, a red jasper stone. Then, gently sprinkle some table salt under the floor mats, seats and door storage. After doing this say,

“I banish all low frequency energy attached to this vehicle, and replace it with the protective energy of Arch Angel Michael. I ask that you shield and guard this vehicle and keep me safe as I journey in it. Amen.”


Blessing for a Meal

One very simple blessing that is universal to all cultures is the meal blessing. It is a blessing of thanksgiving for a meal, for the bounty of Mother Earth and for the nourishment the food will bring.

Say, “Thank you, Mother Father God, for this meal and for the sustenance it will provide my body. Amen.”


Sharon Muzio is the founder and owner of Alta View Wellness Center, located at 4814 Jonestown Rd., in Harrisburg. To connect with Sharon, call 717-221-0133 or visit


Heartfelt Intentional Blessings Inspire Hope

by Sharon Askey

A blessing can be a powerful way to direct energy. Heartfelt intention is key to a blessing, whether it be for a home, person, new job, pet, etc. Smudging (using sage to clear the energy in a space or around a person) can be a great way to clear out the old energies and then welcome in the new with our blessing or intention. Lighting a candle and having a little ceremony with our blessing can help to ground the energy.  Blessings can be as diverse as we all are and can be tailored to support our intentions.  Some examples are included below.

House Blessing

May this home be blessed, and may it be filled with love and compassion and acceptance. 

May health and kindness abound.  May all who live here be a vessel of peace, and

May all who enter be filled with peace.


New Job Blessing

May this new job bring great fulfillment, and the opportunity to expand my/your horizon.   

May I/you be blessed with prosperity and may the fruit of my/your work yield many blessings.


Apache Blessing

May the sun bring you new energy every day.
May the moon softly restore you by night.

May the rain wash away your worries.

May the breeze blow new strength into your being.

May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life. 

Sharon Askey is the founder and owner of Gracefull Heart, located at 1953 W. Trindle Rd., Ste. C, in Carlisle. To connect with Sharon, call 717-287-0937, email [email protected] or visit



Creating Sacred Space

by Deborah Kearns

With all of us spending a lot more time at home, the idea of creating a sacred space has increased in popularity. We do not need a spare room or a large area to create a sacred space. Creating a sacred space is just about dedicating a specific area of our home for restoration and relaxation.


For some people, that might mean a meditation pillow in a quiet and calm area; for others it might mean a dedicated spot to practice yoga. Over time, when we go to the same place to do whatever healing work that speaks to us, there is an energy that builds up. It triggers our mind to feel soothed the moment we enter that space because our mind recognizes it as a space of relief.


Creating a sacred space will also help to enhance and support any healing therapies, such as meditation, yoga and journaling. It is common knowledge that interior design can affect our mood and well-being. While it does not hurt if the decor and furnishings are beautiful and bold, the most important aspect of a sacred space is how the energy “feels”.


Every room in our home should feel special and comfortable for our lifestyle and needs, a basic guideline for promoting health and well-being. In particular, our sacred space should serve as the place where we leave the cares of the world behind in an attempt to heal and restore the mind-body-spirit.


Deborah Kearns is a yoga instructor at H2L Studio, 2151 Fisher Rd., Ste. 103, in Mechanicsburg. To connect with her, call 717-697-4425 or visit