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Apr 29, 2021 01:59PM ● By Dave Korba

A Free Trial & Free Gifts from Positive Prime

First Hand Experience


My first introduction to visualization and sports psychology was when I was a freshman football player in college.  I was a safety on a stout defensive unit led by a coach who focused as much on mental preparation as he did physical.  He taught the importance of envisioning assignments, physical actions and success in our mind’s eye before we even stepped onto the field for a practice or game.


From that point forward, I was engaged with teachers and mentors who professed the importance of visualization, appropriate self-talk and positive thinking in all aspects of life and work. I drove many miles in my first job listening to “The Psychology of Winning” audio tapes by Denis Waitley, read newly released best-sellers by Wayne Dyer and watched a neuromuscular programming VHS golf-instructional video tape by SyberVision, which consisted of watching the ideal swing repeated over and over, programming the image into my brain. 


Psychology, neuroscience and the mind-body connection have been a fascination of mine for decades. It’s such a part of my life that currently, my default annual holiday present for a dozen family members is a daily affirmation calendar, so they can read and see positive thoughts and images every day.


The human brain is much more sophisticated than the most robust computer. Everything we see, hear, smell, taste, touch, think and believe is input, perceived, categorized and stored in the data banks of our mind, and impacts how we perceive, think, process and act in our life.


Our minds and thoughts are also affected more than at any other time in history by outside influences, which includes all forms of overt and subliminal advertising via television, movies, audio, print and digital – as well as social media algorithms that feed us targeted messaging in the form of overt and covert content and ads, based on data tracking gathered from our personal viewing history.


Arnold Palmer said, “Golf is a game of inches. The most important are the six inches between your ears.”  It is more important than ever to reclaim that territory and be responsible for filling and cultivating our mind with thoughts and beliefs that will serve us in achieving our goals and living our best life.


The Science


My personal experience, as briefly alluded to above, has been sufficient evidence for me of the value and importance of feeding my mind with positive, supportive and useful information. Today significant scientific research has been accumulated verifying how we can help influence our mood, health, focus and feelings with the intentional use of an effective new tool called Positive Prime.


There is a vast amount of information about the clinical science used in the Positive Prime tool that includes such items as…

- Preconscious processing,

- Broaden & build theory,
- Neuroplasticity,

- The placebo effect,

- Imprinting,

- The heliotropic effect,

- Reticular activating system,

- Gratitude,

- The Pygmalion effect,

- Relaxation,

- The Galatea effect,

- Mental rehearsal,

- Mirror neurons,

- And more.


One popular scientific researcher who has collaborated with and endorsed PositivePrime is Harvard-based researcher Shawn Achor, author of the best-selling book, “The Happiness Advantage”, who also has the 20th most viewed Ted Talk in history with over 23.5 million views.


How to Get Your Free Trial & Free Gifts


Here are the easy steps to getting started with your free trial and free gifts from Positive Prime.


1. Visit – this is an affiliate website that explains what Positive Prime is and how it works.


2. On the site, you are invited to sign up for a free 7-day trial with full access to ALL the available Positive Prime “sessions” on various topics, and you will have full access to all the sessions and all the features for 7 days. A credit card is necessary to register for the free trial; however, cancellation is easy if you do not want to continue after 7 days.


3. You will receive two personalized sessions from Natural Awakenings to keep as gifts, and can use them forever - whether you convert to a monthly ($19/month) or annual ($199/year) membership or NOT, i.e., the gifts are yours to keep and use forever, even if you cancel after the 7-day trial. It is a risk-free trial, where you walk away with beneficial gifts even if you cancel.




I have partnered with Positive Prime to share the benefits of using this tool for improving personal health and well-being. The website www.PrimeForGold is an affiliate link and I receive a small commission when memberships are purchased via that link, but the price remains the same for you.


Moving Forward


There is a lot of information available to review and digest to fully understand the validity of the scientific research behind Positive Prime. Whether you spend the time reviewing the research and basing your usage decision on it is up to you and the time you have available. However, even without taking significant time to dive into the research, you CAN spend only 3 to 10 minutes each day watching actual sessions to realize benefits.


There are a few tips for using the variable speed control, especially when you start watching sessions for the first time. The first few times I watch a session, I will keep the speed on a slow setting so I can read the text and let the images wash over me.


I will usually spend the first few minutes on a slow speed. Once I get about half way to my time commitment I will increase the speed and watch the remainder of the session at faster speeds or even full speed.


For example, let’s say I commit ten minutes in the morning to watch a session.

I will watch it on slow (setting 2 or 3) for about 3 to 5 minutes, then increase the speed, sometimes as high as MAXIMUM and it will usually run through to finish in another 3 to 5 minutes, giving me my full ten minutes, with about half at a slower speed and half at higher speed(s). This also allows me to practice watching at variable speeds, to finish within my allotted time goal, and to see what speed works best for me.


I can also rate how I feel before and after each session and I can personalize each session with my own personal images and quotes.


Give it a Try


Go to, look around, learn and see if Positive Prime may be a tool to help influence your mood, health, focus and feelings, then sign-up for your 7-day free trial. I’m sharing Positive Prime with the hope that it helps YOU be your best self, and I look forward to your continued growth and success.


David Korba is the publisher of Natural Awakenings magazine of South Central PA. To find out more about Positive Prime and to register for a free 7-day trial visit

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