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Connecting with the Earth Element

Mar 29, 2022 03:58PM ● By Jessica M. Miller
Spring is the perfect time to reconnect with the blossoming world around us. Not only is it a time of rebirth and renewal, but also one of transformation and blessings. Using these three simple practices, we can deepen our connection to earth element energy.


Grounding: Also called earthing, this technique, in which we physically connect with nature through touch and intention, is effective and simple to do anywhere. To practice, step into the grass or floor if inside—preferably barefoot. Next, take a deep breath and visualize the feet as tree roots growing into the ground and removing tension away from the body with each breath. Do this for three to12 breath cycles, or until feeling relaxed. Think of what to let go of to go deeper inside life.


Gardening: Enjoy planting and putting our hands in the soil. Sweet foods are known to stimulate the earth element energy within the body when eaten. Whole grains, yams, carrots and sweet potatoes are nutritious ways to connect with earth element power while fueling up. Plant strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and watermelon. Spiritually, gardening is connected to the birthing of new phases or journeys in life. Think of what we can nurture in our life right now so that it will blossom.


Spending time in nature: Going for a hike or long walk through nature can perk up our senses with new sounds, smells and sights, bringing a sense of calm and peace. Spending time in nature aligns us with the natural environment, helping to improve our mood and cleanse both the mind and body. Put down the phone and think about where to go to connect with nature.


One way to connect with nature is by using the energy of gemstones, because they have a special connection to the earth element. Here are three gemstones special to the spring season.


Jade-luck, longevity, health, wealth, manifestation, success in business, enhancing dream states, fidelity, fertility, love, compassion, deflecting negative energy, winning in pursuits, restoring balance to the body.


Tiger Eye-vitality, strength, courage, standing up for self and others, power, working with the inner fire, confidence, harmony in relationships, willpower, personal strength, enthusiasm.


Rhodonite-life pursuits, connection with earth element, meditation, creating art, empowering visions in dreams, sleeping, energy, vitality, discovering hidden talents, dispelling anxiety, strengthen the body, activating the heart chakra, purification, weight loss, preventing exhaustion, heart conditions, arthritic conditions, self-care, self-love, relationships, love, throat infections.


Remember, working with the elements and stones is a journey. Journal the experiences and track the progress. It helps see growth and appreciate the progression.


Jessica Miller is the owner of AscensionHolistics, LLC, in Palmyra, and has been providing consultative services with gemstones for 15 years. For more information and a menu of services, visit