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Dancing with the Divine: Living in the Freedom and Flow of Life

Aug 31, 2022 09:31AM ● By Julie A. Vance
Imagine yourself effortlessly gliding across a spacious dance floor, running through a field with a breeze gently blowing your hair, painting a picture of the sun setting over the horizon, preparing a sumptuous meal, or simply relaxing on a clear, sunny day as you sip a glass of iced tea and read a favorite book! 


How do you feel?  Fully alive?  Joyful?  Free?  At harmony with yourself and everything around you?  Would you like to experience more of this freedom and flow in your life?


For me, this feeling comes not so much from outer experiences, but from a connection with my inner spirit—my divine essence.  When we learn to recognize, trust, and follow our inner spirit—a process I call “dancing with the Divine”—we experience greater peace, harmony, and balance in our lives.  We feel inspired, empowered, confident, and fully alive.


How do we “dance with the Divine” in our lives?  Years ago, when I began taking ballroom dance lessons, I noticed that many of the lessons I was learning in ballroom dancing mirrored those I was learning on my spiritual journey.  The lessons helped me to connect with my inner spirit more fully and to feel more in the freedom and flow of life.  In my book, Dancing with the Divine, I share a variety of “dance steps” for applying these lessons in our lives.  But rest assured—you don’t have to be a ballroom dancer to dance with the Divine; each of us has our own unique dance.  The dance steps I share are universal; you can apply them to any situation in your life.  I invite you to try one or more of the following dance steps:


·         Tune in to your inner spirit.  Just as we tune in to the music and to our partners in a dance, so we tune in to our inner spirit by taking time each day to be still, to pause from the busyness of our lives, to listen.  You might like to start your morning by taking a few deep breaths, closing your eyes, and relaxing your body.  Then ask two simple questions: “What do I need to know today?” “What do I need to do?”  Be still and listen. You may be surprised at the message you receive. You may be guided to take an action. Take that step and notice how you feel and the results you experience.  Take time throughout the day to pause and connect with your inner spirit.  Creating time to listen to your inner spirit each day will help you tune in to your inner spirit and recognize its promptings more easily.


·         Do those things which bring you joy.  When I began ballroom dancing, I noticed that learning a variety of dances—from a playful cha cha to a sensuous rumba, to a graceful, elegant waltz—brought me great joy.  Experiencing joy is a sign that we’re in harmony with our inner spirit, that we’re dancing with the Divine.  What brings you joy in your life?  Make a list and do at least one thing from that list each day.  This simple activity can help you connect with your inner spirit and feel more in the freedom and flow of life.


·         Step out of your comfort zone.   As a ballroom dancer, I performed dance routines at various venues. Through venturing out of my comfort zone in this way, I gained confidence in myself and my abilities. Because our inner spirit wants us to grow and develop our potential, we’re often guided to try something new—to step out of our comfort zones.  When we do, we often find ourselves feeling more fully alive, inspired, confident. If you are feeling an inner nudge to try something new or see from a different perspective, know that your inner spirit is leading you.  Take a step—no matter how small—in the direction you are being guided.


·         Dance to your own special music.  As I began to explore a variety of music in ballroom dancing, I also began to be more aware of my inner music.  Each one of us has our own unique dance.  We each have a purpose for being here on earth.  As you begin to tune in to your inner spirit and follow its guidance, your special dance will unfold for you.


The more you learn to recognize, trust, and follow your inner spirit, the more you’ll feel in the freedom and flow of life, and the more joyful your dance with the Divine will become.  Are you ready to dance?  Then, begin with the steps that feel right to you, and let’s dance!


Julie Vance is an ordained Unity minister, inspirational speaker, and author of Dancing with the Divine.  For more information, visit