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Can We Reduce EMF Risks Through The Use of Sacred Geometry?

Sep 30, 2022 09:31AM ● By Charlie Ziese
EMFs are producing one of the largest health care crises in contemporary society, yet we know very little about how to deal with the problem.  There are over 7,000 scientific articles linking EMFs to all types of chronic diseases, with research dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. 


Over 500 of the most common chronic diseases are directly linked to EMF exposure.  This is particularly relevant for seniors, as a staggering 99% of total Medicare expenditures are for chronic disease care.  Many US health care experts readily admit traditional Western medicine essentially has no answers to the spiraling increase in chronic disease.


For more information on the science behind EMF’s and chronic disease, I heartily recommend reading epidemiologist Dr. Samuel Milham’s “Dirty Electricity”. This book correlates the rampant increase in chronic disease to the proliferation of electricity usage in the United States during the early part of the 20th century.


Until the 1970’s the United States Navy Medical Research Center in San Diego published anthologies of these EMF research articles and was very forthcoming about the harmful effects of EMFs on public health. 


Restrictions placed on Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) requests since that time prohibit release of information deemed significant to national security.  This provision has effectively precluded release of all government research on ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and their effects on chronic disease.


Avoidance and remediation have historically been the most widely used methods of reducing EMF exposure. With 5G technology finally upon us, however, avoidance and remediation alone are no longer a sufficient solution. 


To solve the EMF crisis, we need new detection technologies as well as a new understanding of what EMF remediation entails.


I manufacture, research, and sell healing and meditation pyramids at  These pyramids use a slant angle of 76.345o, the geometry of three-dimensional Phi Scaling.  This is the geometry which Nature uses to scale all things from the sub-atomic to the Galactic. 


My research demonstrates that this specific geometry remediates harmful EMF effects.  Similar research by Russian torsion physicist Anatoly Akimov indicates that any geometric form such as a pyramid or cone that incorporates the Golden Ratio in its design will act as ‘passive torsion generator’, or free energy generator.  


It is not a mere coincidence that the same geometry that produces free energy also produces maximum wave coherence and health.


I recently wrote 76.345– Exploring the Hidden Secrets of the Golden Ratio”.  In the book, I demonstrate that mankind has used this geometry for healing, free energy, and longevity for thousands of years.  During the past 30 years, the Russian government has sponsored ongoing research into the health, agricultural, environmental and materials science benefits of these pyramid energy fields.  Their health research demonstrates that pyramid energy field exposure produces enhanced immune function against all types of chronic diseases.  Most if not all these chronic diseases are known to be brought on or exacerbated by EMF exposure. 


One of the key areas of new research I cover in the book is the importance of the Golden Ratio in creating a coherent energy field.  My research demonstrates that optimum wave coherence is achieved through the 76.345o geometry pyramid, although any use of the Golden Ratio in the pyramid dimensions enhances wave coherence.


An example of how pyramid exposure affects the coherence of an individual’s energetic aura can be seen in the diagram below:  


These results come from an energy testing device known as the Bio-Well.  It was developed by Russian scientist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and is based upon a technology called “GDV” or “Gas Discharge Visualization”.  Using the Bio-Well technology, significant improvements can be found in the coherence of the human energy field aura after pyramid exposure.  After pyramid exposure, there are no longer any significant holes or distortions in the human energetic aura. 


Could it be that the coherence of the human energetic aura correlates with health and EMF remediation?  This is one of the questions we are currently exploring at the Pyramid Science Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) research organization established to perform pyramid energy research.  We will be using our newly acquired Bio-Well testing equipment to answer this and other questions regarding pyramids, EMFs, and health.


We are looking for volunteers to act as test subjects for our study.  Please contact me at [email protected] or call at 412-474-3481 if you are interested in participating.


Charlie Ziese is the owner or Stargate Pyramids and Chair of the Pyramid Science Foundation (also see YouTube). He can be reached at [email protected] or 412-474-3481. He became interested in Russian pyramids in 2016 while watching David Wilcock’s “Wisdom Teachings” series on GAIATV. In early 2019, he determined that the previously undisclosed Sacred Geometry of the Russian pyramids was based on Universal Phi Scaling, a cosmological theory substantiated by researchers Nassim Haramein and Dan Winter. Over the past several years, he has located 76.345 in the architecture of thousands of pieces of architecture from civilizations and religious traditions around the globe, with dates ranging from thousands of years ago up to the present. Charlie is the Chair of the Pyramid Science Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit research corporation he created in 2020 to study the health, environmental, agricultural, and materials science benefits of Russian geometry pyramids. He recently published “76.345 – Russian Pyramids and the Hidden Secrets of the Golden Ratio. This unique inter-disciplinary book catalogs the numerous examples of Universal Phi Scaling in nature, architecture, and contemporary technology. The book also presents Charlie’s original research in wave coherence and ancient diagrams, demonstrating the cosmological significance of 76.345. Finally, the book covers the historical use of 76.345 in the fields of free energy and health, as well as documents how powerful forces in religion, government, science, and history have suppressed knowledge of Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio. A former Wall Street investment banker, Charlie was one of the primary architects of mortgage-backed securities in the 1970s. He received his BA and MBA degrees from Dartmouth College.