Vaccine Discussion Group Meets at Om Baby

Rachel Benbow

The Om Baby Pregnancy and Parenting Center is hosting a monthly Vaccine Choice Support Group from 2 to 4 p.m. on the third Sunday of the month where participants discuss and share balanced information about vaccinations and their corresponding diseases and support each other’s vaccination choices without bias. The group will also invite guest speakers such as pediatricians, lactation specialists and complementary medicine practitioners.

Making choices about vaccinations can be confusing or intimidating, and the Vaccine Choice Support Group is not about telling anyone what is the right or wrong choice. It is focused on sharing information and providing a forum for presenting current information and conducting objective discussion.

Admission is free. Location: Om Baby Pregnancy and Parenting Center, 2201 Market St. (rear entrance), Camp Hill. For more information, call group leader Rachel Benbow, LMT, at 717-831-6936, email or visit

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