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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

April 2011 Publisher Letter

Mar 28, 2011 07:56PM ● By Dave Korba

Spring is here and Natural Awakenings readers are celebrating Earth Day with this Green Homes & Gardens issue. We’re also looking forward to attending the Mechanicsburg Earth Day Festival on April 16.

I’ve been thinking about the roles of education, awareness and personal responsibility in my life, wondering if my individual efforts make that much of a difference when it comes to conserving resources. I realize that I often haven’t made the most sustainable daily decisions, opting instead for convenience and speed.

But today’s revolutionary social and economic conditions at home and abroad forcibly remind us that making better decisions is no longer a luxury, but essential to sustaining life on Earth as we know it. What can we do now to ensure that the interdependent peoples of the world survive and thrive? For better or worse, we are all in this together.

To help us all start and stay on a good path, each month Natural Awakenings’ staff intends to provide education that is timely and topical. We’ll encourage awareness of self, community and the local and global environment. We’ll also invite you to examine your own level of personal responsibility and find ways to take meaningful action in your life, so that it has a positive effect on you, your family and your community.

This month we highlight examples of advocates for positive change. We’re encouraged that The Healthy Grocer, now celebrating its 15th year, began providing education about health and wellness long before it was fashionable. We applaud SECCO, Inc. and its affiliated companies for embodying many concepts of sustainable living. We’re fascinated by how Hollywood actor Ed Begley, Jr. continues to lead the way in showing us how to join the “Green Home Makeover” movement. In Central Pennsylvania, I know of no one who translates personal responsibility into action better than entrepreneur and environmental advocate Susan Kiskis.

Thanks go to all of you who responded to our premiere issue with such overwhelmingly positive feedback. When I ask readers where they picked up the magazine they say, “They’re everywhere!” We’re grateful to our growing number of distribution outlets for helping us spread the word. Our growing number of advertisers makes it all possible, so please show your appreciation with your support. I’m excited to step into my new role connecting readers with information, natural health practitioners, and providers of products and services geared to help you feel good, live simply and laugh more. I look forward to learning about and sharing local insights into sustainability, natural health, local foods, wellness, integrative/natural medicine, raising healthy children, nature and environmental preservation, wholesome play, natural care for our pets, and the creative arts. You’re invited to participate in the journey.

If you want to stay informed about these topics or share information you have, let’s connect. Visit us at, where you can sign-up for our email newsletter and free digital magazine. You can also follow our news on Facebook and Twitter. I look forward to meeting up with you and growing better together.

Happily yours,

Dave Korba, Publisher

October 2019