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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

January 2012 Publisher Letter

Dec 28, 2011 03:57PM

For me, this past year has been about settling into my new role as a Natural Awakenings publisher and getting to know our local natural health and sustainable living community. Many exciting and challenging changes have unfolded throughout this experience that have started me on a monumental journey of personal growth.

Along the way, as my focus shifted onto the magazine, I got off track by setting aside my regular workouts, meditation and other forms of self-nurturing that are vital to my well-being. I’m here to tell you that the real fun is just beginning, as I’ve been reminded and inspired by the many people and practitioners I’ve met who espouse self-care, self-love and a natural and healthy lifestyle.

I am invigorated, healthier and grateful that I’ve renewed my daily habits of exercise and personal reflection and am utilizing many of the healthy services and modalities I encounter along my journey. I am eagerly re-establishing the delicate balance of work, personal life and playtime as I envision wonderful things in store and am ready for their unfolding. How about you?

This month is our annual health and wellness issue and in the feature article, author Kathleen Barnes explains why alternative health care is going mainstream. New research, long-term clinical evidence and consumers’ increasing demand for noninvasive and effective complementary treatments prove that many of these modalities can work hand-in-hand with conventional medicine.

Integrative medicine continues to gain momentum.  There is a groundswell of consumer interest and professional expertise throughout Central Pennsylvania, as evidenced by the practitioner talks presented by the Integrative Medicine Group (IMG) at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center, and the educational efforts of the Living Well Institute.  Conventional medicine is increasingly recognizing the benefits of holistic treatments that take mind, body and spirit into account. I encourage you to explore your own options for wellness with your doctors and find out where they stand on integrating complementary therapies. Chances are, they’re moving in that direction if they’re not already there.

You’ll be well served to refer to our Practitioner Profile section to meet some of the many practitioners that are leading the way toward integrative health and wellness in our communities.

As the New Year unfolds, we’re also excited to introduce the Natural Awakenings Network (NAN) to our region. We are establishing a local network of natural health and wellness practitioners and green/sustainable product/service providers, which will offer significant savings to individuals and family members. We are currently screening and enrolling participating practitioners and providers: Email me to find out more.

As we head into the new year, Natural Awakenings will be here to inspire, educate and empower you in fresh ways that help you make lasting, positive changes in your life. Remember to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

Here’s to a new year of possibilities and peace,

Dave Korba, Publisher

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