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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

September 2012 Publisher Letter

Aug 30, 2012 11:09AM

Recently, a dozen Natural Awakenings publishers gathered for a day of tubing on the Delaware River. It was a welcome opportunity to put work aside and enjoy a leisurely float with both old and new friends. As we began, my patience was tested almost immediately by the slow pace of a floating tube on a low-level, mild river into a headwind. This was especially challenging because I’d previously spent time on this part of the river in my kayak, controlling my speed and direction and usually trying to meet a goal or timeline. After exerting significant effort to speed things up, I realized that I was there to unwind and drop my expectations of accomplishment. It was okay to just relax, float, be in the glorious presence of nature and enjoy the company. What a great reminder to just let go and appreciate the moment.

As we transition through summer, hopefully you can continue to connect with nature and integrate a consistent measure of physical activity and relaxation into your daily and weekly routine. For me, it only takes a walk in the woods to remind me of the grandness of God’s creation all around me. For you, it may be a visit to a local park or a bit of community gardening to slow down, recharge the body, mind and spirit and spark a fresh start to your innate creativity.

This month, Natural Awakenings celebrates renewing our creative lease on life with Judith Fertig’s, “Exploring our Creative Side,” which portrays the joyous personal growth and strong social bonds people from all walks of life experience when they are engaged in community arts. South-Central Pennsylvania is rife with wonder-filled opportunities to collaborate in theater, dance, music activities or any number of other artful passions.

September is National Yoga Month. Like any physical activity, it is important to practice yoga safely. Lynda Bassett offers tips from experienced yogis for both the daily practitioner and the novice. Yoga is so much more than just the physical movements. Local yoga instructor Mia Bostic shares her perspective on the magic of this ancient discipline. If you haven’t already tried yoga, what are you waiting for? Try several classes that suit your skill level with qualified instructors throughout our region, many of whom you will find in our Yoga/Pilates/Fitness Guide.

Remember to feel good, live simply, laugh more.

Dave Korba, Publisher

October 2019