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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

October 2012 Publisher Letter

Sep 26, 2012 12:44PM

This special environmental issue suggests things we can do starting today to benefit our families, communities and nation. We have never faced a more critical time in terms of the urgent need to make sustainable living a habit. I challenge you now to do one small thing every day for the next year that will help make a difference, recognizing that such small actions add up to great movements.

William Sutton, chairman of the Central Pennsylvania chapter of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), sums it up in a letter to potential supporters. “Sustainable Community Development starts small… with an idea and a commitment. It grows from there, almost organically. In order to fuel that idea it requires creative minds, people in action and leaders that are willing to take risks.

“With each and every decision we make, a difference is made. Sometimes our decisions make the world better and sometimes they make them worse. We aren’t staying static; that is for sure. I encourage you to think about this each and every day and ask yourself the question: Did I make the world a better place today?

“Here are some ideas to get involved and actively make the world a better place:

  • Volunteer for a nonprofit committed to sustainability such as USGBC, Habitat for Humanity, the local conservancy, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and others.
  • Educate your children, co-workers and friends about what sustainability means to you.
  • Take a course on green building, organic food or urban gardening.
  • Contact your legislators and let them know you want more green buildings, infrastructure and policy. They are receptive to input and want to learn more.
  • Implement one small change into your daily life.
  • Become a supporter of the Central Pennsylvania chapter of the USGBC.

“Each small step is important and a great start. By working together, we can accomplish far more than any one of us can accomplish on our own. Achieving sustainability is a challenge, but it is a challenge worth fighting for. There is nothing more important than leaving this world better than we found it. Will you join us in working for positive change in the world?”

If you are an individual or company that wants to make a real difference in the way we live, consider volunteering with the Central PA chapter of the USGBC and joining them at the annual ForeverGreen Gala: Green Building Awards, October 19. Visit

Feel good, live simply, laugh more.

Dave Korba, Publisher

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