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Lapis Studio Hosts Tibetan Lama

Khenpo Ogyen

Lapis Studio, the only studio in the area with a certified Himalayan singing bowl and gong practitioner, will welcome Tibetan Lama Khenpo Ogyen, of Mindrolling Monastery, in Dehradun, India, to the studio from 1 to 5 p.m., October 13 and 14. Private Tibetan astrology sessions will be scheduled for individuals to provide personal information and discussion.

In Tibetan astrology sessions, charts are developed over a few months and identify the permanent animal and element of each individual, using their birth date and time. The influences of each year are calculated to see if there are any imbalances in the five areas of life force, health, luck, fortune and soul. By doing so, Ogyen is able to identify where obstacles are located in an individual’s life. Several Tibetan lamas are then summoned together for the sole purpose of praying the specified number of prayers that it will take to remove those obstacles, for this year, on a karmic level.

Cost: $250. Location: 550 Coventry Dr., Mechanicsburg. For more information, call 717-379-9049 or visit