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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

February 2013 Publisher Letter

Jan 29, 2013 05:42PM

While preparing this month’s issue on bodywork, I started paying attention to how often the word “touch” is used in our everyday language. I noticed an interesting fact: “touch” is referenced regularly, but mostly in ways that have nothing to do with the physical act of touching.

When a sentiment pulls at our heartstrings, we often say, “I’m touched.” We might use the phrase “out of touch” when talking about someone we haven’t spoken to in awhile. A photograph that has been made to look better has been “touched up.” Irritable, peevish people are “touchy.” Touchpoints, touchdown, and touchstones: the list of words is long.

Sadly, in this high-tech, media-socialized world we now live in, something critical to our species has been lost: human physical touch. It helps us feel connected to members of our tribe in a way that conversation alone can’t do. It can make us feel grounded and safe and not so all alone, less anxious and more optimistic about life. It can even lower blood pressure and help speed recovery from illness and surgery.

Turn the pages in this month’s issue and read about all the different ways that bodyworkers use their therapeutic hands to heal injuries, restore health to our sick bodies and soothe tired, frazzled spirits. Find modalities that are right for you, to help you feel more balanced and relaxed, less stressful or anxious.

If exercise boredom has set in and is tempting you to abandon your resolution to exercise more and shed post-holiday pounds, then consider CrossFit Training, a strength and conditioning program used by the military over the past decade that is growing in popularity with recreational athletes. After you’ve trained like a Navy SEAL, treat yourself (and your sore muscles) to a massage. You will have earned it.

Hear what the owner of Stacy G Fitness says about using Yogalates as an effective way to mix things up and transform your body.

While in the midst of winter, we sometimes forget that the days are actually getting longer, light is returning and spring will be here soon. What will Punxsutawney Phil predict on February 2, Groundhog Day? Let’s hope it’s an early spring!

Dress warmly, go outside and seek the light! And remember to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

Dave Korba, Publisher

October 2019